3 Days of Prayer and Fasting // 26th - 28th April

Jesus leads the church, and one of the ways that we work that out is when we gather to pray, worship and tune in to what he's saying to us.

Join us for 3 Days of Prayer & Fasting from the 26th - 28th April. We will round off with our Big Wednesday on the 28th with an evening of worship, prophetic and prayer. On each of these evenings, we will gather to pray online.

Look below to see the full schedule.



Monday 26th Apr // Site Prayer on Zoom

Each prayer meeting is 8 - 9pm.

At The Clarendon Centre

At The Clarendon Villas

At The Oasis

At The Shoreham Centre

Tuesday 27th Apr // Stand As One

8 - 9pm on Zoom

Wednesday 28th Apr // Big Wednesday

8 - 9pm on YouTube

Resources on Prayer