Grow, make friends and have fun.

God, our Father, has placed each one of us in a family; parents and children. Family was one of the first things created, as recorded in the first chapter of the Bible. And it’s this design of family that becomes the building blocks for human flourishing, as we are “fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” (Genesis 1.28).

By understanding God’s perfect design for family we begin to see the importance Jesus places on allowing children to come to Him. It takes a whole church to bring up a child and we are passionate about building households that speak Jesus name.

We do this by:
Having fun together as we provide a high quality, varied morning programme which is fun, age-relevant and leaves them excited about coming back next week.
Making friends with other children, and our kids workers whilst enjoying authentic fellowship and discipleship.
Growing in faith, as we provide a safe environment and cultivate an expectation to grow in relationship with God through gospel-centred teaching, worship and prayer.

Join us every Sunday for Emmanuel kids at our morning services in one of our locations.

Up Next


Here’s what’s coming up for Emmanuel kids across the sites this Spring Term 2020:

Under 3s / PreSchool - the life of Jesus, focussing on the people Jesus met, the miracles Jesus did and the stories Jesus told:

5th Jan - people Jesus met: John the Baptist
12th Jan - people Jesus met: Four fishermen
19th Jan - people Jesus met: Mary and Martha
26th Jan - people Jesus met: Zaccheaus
2nd Feb - miracles Jesus did: Feeding 5000 people
9th Feb - miracles Jesus did: Boat in the storm
16th Feb - miracles Jesus did: Healing the blind man
23rd Feb - miracles Jesus did: Healing the lame man
1st Mar - stories Jesus told: The Lost Sheep
8th Mar - stories Jesus told: The Good Samaritan
15th Mar - stories Jesus told: The Good Samaritan
22nd Mar - stories Jesus told: The Wise and Foolish Builders
29th Mar - stories Jesus told: The Prodigal Son

3-6s - Ocean Adventures with Ranger Doug - exploring Jesus character and His love for us

5th Jan - sharing Jesus with others
12th Jan - Jesus forgives us
19th Jan - stop and spend time with Jesus
26th Jan - God is with us
2nd Feb - God can do little things and big things
9th Feb - God keeps His promises
16th Feb - God helps us make good choices
23rd Feb - God looks after us
1st Mar - God invites everyone to join His kingdom
8th Mar - God is always there for us
15th Mar - God can use each one of us to do great things for Him
22nd Mar - Jesus wants to me our friend

5th Jan - Down to earth: Jesus was fully God and fully man
12th Jan - Walk this way: Jesus gives us an example we can follow
19th Jan - Been there, done that: Jesus understands my whole world
26th Jan - Impossible is nothing: The possibilities are endless with God
2nd Feb - Miracle Maker: We have healing because of Jesus
9th Feb - Dead End?: Jesus has power over death
16th Feb - Told you so: Jesus the Messiah was God's plan all along
23rd Feb - Cross Road: Jesus the Messiah made a way for salvation
1st Mar - King of kings: Jesus the Messiah is our King

Spring Big Worship Morning

Venue: The Clarendon Centre, 47 New England St, BN1 4GQ
Time: Saturday 21st March 10am - 12pm.
Registration from 9.45am
Who: School-age kids (4-11)

We will be hosting our Spring Big Worship Morning - an awesome time of teaching, games and worship. More details to follow but get the date in your family calendar now!

Key People