We are excited to be able to provide you with this resource to enable you to follow the Emmanuel Kids Teaching Curriculums from home.

Each week we will update the video links, the follow-up questions and the activities for your children to do.

Plus we will give you fresh ideas for family devotional times.

Although we will not be seeing each other in person, we would love to enable the sense of community, through giving the option for your kids to share their news with others.

Recommended albums for your home: Listen, Sing-Along, Dance, Enjoy

Emmanuel Kids - Kids Worship, Pt 1

Rend Co Kids - Sparkle. Pop. Rampage

Kids TV - Under 6s

Follow up questions

1) How does Jesus give us his best?
2) Why does Jesus want us to remember him?
3) What can you say to others about Jesus?
4) What one special thing have you learnt today?


You will need: Printed activity page (click to download) or draw a plate on a plain piece of paper, pens, crayons or pictures of food

Create a picture of a special meal. Send in pictures of your special meal to

Kids TV - Over 6s

Jesus rides into Jerusalem

God has a special plan for each one of us

Follow up:

Read Psalm 139 v 16-18, Psalm 138 v 8, Jeremiah 29 v11, Romans 8 v 28

1) How does it feel to know that God has a special plan for your life?
2) How does it feel to know that this starts now - you don’t have to wait until you are older to be doing what God has planned for you?
3) How do you know if you are doing as God wants?
4) What is keeping you away from God’s plan for your life?
5) How can we let God use us?


You will need: an empty box
Instructions: think of all the different ways you can use this empty box. What's the most unusual way you can think of? Send in pictures of your box in use to


Using a jigsaw puzzle in your home. Can you complete the puzzle, without using the picture on the front of the box as a guide?

Activity Sheet:

Click to download your activity sheet.

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