Grow, make friends and have fun.

God, our Father, has placed each one of us in a family; parents and children. Family was one of the first things created, as recorded in the first chapter of the Bible. And it’s this design of family that becomes the building blocks for human flourishing, as we are “fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” (Genesis 1.28).

By understanding God’s perfect design for family we begin to see the importance Jesus places on allowing children to come to Him. It takes a whole church to bring up a child and we are passionate about building households that speak Jesus name.

We do this by:
Having fun together as we provide a high quality, varied morning programme which is fun, age-relevant and leaves them excited about coming back next week.
Making friends with other children, and our kids workers whilst enjoying authentic fellowship and discipleship.
Growing in faith, as we provide a safe environment and cultivate an expectation to grow in relationship with God through gospel-centred teaching, worship and prayer.

Join us every Sunday for Emmanuel kids at our morning services in one of our locations.

Up Next

We're excited to for our Autumn Teaching Plan for each age group. Join us at one of our sites, as we help children find their way back to God.

Under 3s / PreSchool - Hearing that God made the world and everything in it
8th Sept - God made the sun
15th Sept - God made the moon
22nd Sept - God made the sea
29th Sept - God made flowers, plants and trees
6th Oct - God made the fish and creatures in the sea
13th Oct - God made the birds
20th Oct - God made land animals
27th Oct - God made the insects
3rd Nov - God made me
10th Nov - God is with me all the time
17th Nov - God looks after me
24th Nov - Jesus loves me

3-6s - BRAND NEW CURRICULUM: Big Bible Stories about our Great Big God
(Watch the trailer here)
8th Sept - The Big World - Part 1
15th Sept - The Big World - Part 2
22nd Sept - The Big Garden
29th Sept - The Big Boat
6th Oct - The Big Rainbow
13th Oct - The Big Tower
20th Oct - The Big River
27th Oct - The Big Sea
3rd Nov - Big Lions and Big Bears
10th Nov - The Big Giant
17th Nov - The Big Temple
24th Nov - The Big Fish

8th Sept - Begin With Prayer : Hallowed by Your name
15th Sept - Begin With Prayer - Walk with God
22nd Sept - Begin With Prayer - Can't Stop, Won't Stop
29th Sept - Unlikely Heroes: Joshua - Heroes have courage
6th Oct - Unlikely Heroes: Nehemiah - Heroes see the opportunity
13th Oct - Unlikely Heroes: Elijah - Heroes rely on God in the good times and the bad
20th Oct - Unlikely Heroes: Esther - Heroes stand up for what is right
27th Oct - Unlikely Heroes: Ruth - Heroes are loyal
3rd Nov- Unlikely Heroes: Mary - Heroes take on the challenge
10th Nov - Unlikely Heroes: Peter - Heroes grow in Christ
17th Nov - Unlikely Heroes: Paul - Heroes never give up
24th Nov - Unlikely Heroes: Timothy - Heroes are faithful

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