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Real people from across the Emmanuel churches.


  • 20. Anna's Story

    Anna's Story Cover Image


    20. Anna's Story

    Anna was brought up in a Christian family and thought the idea of God was nice, but not needed. Here’s her story.

    Anna is part of Emmanuel Students. It’s not too late to buy a ticket to...
  • 19. Ash's Story

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    19. Ash's Story

    As a child, Ash identified as a Christian. But when his parents split up, he stopped going to church. Here’s his story.

    Ash is part of Emmanuel Students. To find out more about our...
  • 18. Carmina's story

    Carmina's story Cover Image


    18. Carmina's story

    Throughout her school years, Carmina endured a crippling struggle with how friends perceived her. Here’s her story.

    Carmina is part of Emmanuel Students. To find out more about our...
  • 17. Hope for the deaf — Matthew's story

    Hope for the deaf — Matthew's story Cover Image


    17. Hope for the deaf — Matthew's story

    Matthew was born partly deaf and struggled with insecurity about his looks. Here's his story.
  • 16. Jackie's Story

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    16. Jackie's Story

    Jacqui had always been a chilled kind of person, but was building a wall of protection around her that was stopping her from experiencing real connection with others and with God.
  • 15. Martha' Story

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    15. Martha' Story

    When she was 17, Martha got cast into a TV show, and suddenly found her whole life was in the spotlight. Here’s her story.
  • 14. Christine's Story

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    14. Christine's Story

  • 13. Jaqui's Story

    Jaqui's Story Cover Image


    13. Jaqui's Story

    At the age of 6, Jackie lost her whole family during 1994 genocide in Rwanda.
    Here's her story.
  • 12. Ben's Story

    Ben's Story Cover Image


    12. Ben's Story

    Ben thought satisfaction and freedom could be found in casual relationships and drugs. Here's his story.
  • 11. Dan's story

    Dan's story Cover Image


    11. Dan's story

    Music became Dan’s life but on the inside he had a deep desire to be loved and known, that wasn’t being met. Here’s his story.
  • 10. Heartbroken from loss — Anneke's story

    Heartbroken from loss — Anneke's story Cover Image


    10. Heartbroken from loss — Anneke's story

    About 2 years ago, Anneke gave birth to a baby boy, but three weeks later, he passed away. Here’s her story.
  • 09. From drugs to Jesus — Joel's story

    From drugs to Jesus — Joel's story Cover Image


    09. From drugs to Jesus — Joel's story

    It started as just a bit of fun but drugs quickly became a way for Joel to get to another level and find what he thought was a higher truth. Here's his story.
  • 08. George's Story

    George's Story Cover Image


    08. George's Story

    Growing up with a paralysing fear of losing those she loved the most, the thought of death was something that George tried to avoid. Here’s her story.
  • 07. Christina's Story

    Christina's Story Cover Image


    07. Christina's Story

    As someone who studied Neuroscience at the university of Sussex, Christina has been on a journey exploring the possibility of a Creator. Here’s her story.
  • 06. Tobi's story

    Tobi's story Cover Image


    06. Tobi's story

    Tobi always known that there’s a God but, suppressed it because he felt christianity was restricting and going church was boring and dull. Here’s his story.
  • 05. Maxine's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

    Maxine's Story  | #WeAreEmmanuel Cover Image


    05. Maxine's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

    Maxine was healed of pain from a dislocated knee. Here is her story.
  • 04. Jo's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

    Jo's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel Cover Image


    04. Jo's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

  • 03. Meredith's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

    Meredith's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel Cover Image


    03. Meredith's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

  • 02. Connor's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

    Connor's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel Cover Image


    02. Connor's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

  • 01. Dan's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

    Dan's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel Cover Image


    01. Dan's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel