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Real people from across the Emmanuel churches.


  • 33. Lauren's Story // A Loving God

    Lauren's Story // A Loving God Cover Image


    33. Lauren's Story // A Loving God

    After being bullied at school, Lauren felt like she needed to strive to be loved. Then the truth of Jesus opened her heart to a love that filled her longing. This is her story.
  • 32. Care for our City // Darren's Story

    Care for our City // Darren's Story Cover Image


    32. Care for our City // Darren's Story

    From being homeless in London to find a home in Brighton, here's Darren's story.
  • 31. Steve’s Story // God Heals

    Steve’s Story // God Heals Cover Image


    31. Steve’s Story // God Heals

    Steve had back pain on and off for the past 35 years. People had prayed for healing over many years. In 2019 things became particularly difficult, it affected his work, home and general daily life...
  • 30. Levi's Story // Letting Jesus Lead

    Levi's Story // Letting Jesus Lead Cover Image


    30. Levi's Story // Letting Jesus Lead

    “This one time I was alone in my dorm room and I got down and just turned to God and was like, ‘I don’t even know if you’re real. But if you are real, I need some help because I don’t like who I’m...
  • 29. Unworthy of love - Neve's Story

    Unworthy of love - Neve's Story Cover Image


    29. Unworthy of love - Neve's Story

    On the surface, everything seemed fine, happy even. But the secrets and the guilt made her feel more and more unworthy of love. Here's Neve's story.
  • 28. Dealing with death - Jacob's Story

    Dealing with death - Jacob's Story Cover Image


    28. Dealing with death - Jacob's Story

    Two years ago, Jacob lost his sister cancer. Here's his story.
  • 27. Mary's Story

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    27. Mary's Story

    Life at home was hectic for Mary. In the day, she’d go to school. In the evening, she’d be left without food. Her mother was usually out drinking and had locked all of the food in cupboards. She...
  • 26. Omar's Story

    Omar's Story Cover Image


    26. Omar's Story

    At school, Omar had a good friend group. He wasn't very academic, but that didn’t seem to matter much to his friends. However, one day it did and he was separated from them. As they moved to...
  • 25. Elizabeth's Story

    Elizabeth's Story Cover Image


    25. Elizabeth's Story

    Elizabeth became a Christian when she was sixteen which did not go down well at home. Things were fine on the outside and seemed stable but she could never wrap her head around her relationship with...
  • 24. Claire's Story

    Claire's Story Cover Image


    24. Claire's Story

    Claire had a strange relationship with her family. It was filled with silence. In between the gaps of silence were huge waves of anger from her father combated with fear within her mother. Her...
  • 23. Paul's Story

    Paul's Story Cover Image


    23. Paul's Story

    Paul had a really good childhood. He loved living with his parents and younger sister and didn’t have much to worry about. At the age of ten, it all began to change as he was being bullied at...
  • 22. Bridget's Story

    Bridget's Story Cover Image


    22. Bridget's Story

    When Bridget was sixteen, she began to have severe pain and be tired most of the time. After feeling like this for a while, she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

    Here is her...
  • 21. Stacey's Story

    Stacey's Story Cover Image


    21. Stacey's Story

    Stacey grew up in a family of six and absolutely adored her dad. When she was quite young, she realised that he didn’t seem to reciprocate that love on the same level.

    Here is her...
  • 20. Anna's Story

    Anna's Story Cover Image


    20. Anna's Story

    Anna was brought up in a Christian family and thought the idea of God was nice, but not needed. Here’s her story.

    Anna is part of Emmanuel Students. It’s not too late to buy a ticket to...
  • 19. Ash's Story

    Ash's Story Cover Image


    19. Ash's Story

    As a child, Ash identified as a Christian. But when his parents split up, he stopped going to church. Here’s his story.

    Ash is part of Emmanuel Students. To find out more about our...
  • 18. Carmina's story

    Carmina's story Cover Image


    18. Carmina's story

    Throughout her school years, Carmina endured a crippling struggle with how friends perceived her. Here’s her story.

    Carmina is part of Emmanuel Students. To find out more about our...
  • 17. Hope for the deaf — Matthew's story

    Hope for the deaf — Matthew's story Cover Image


    17. Hope for the deaf — Matthew's story

    Matthew was born partly deaf and struggled with insecurity about his looks. Here's his story.
  • 16. Jackie's Story

    Jackie's Story Cover Image


    16. Jackie's Story

    Jacqui had always been a chilled kind of person, but was building a wall of protection around her that was stopping her from experiencing real connection with others and with God.
  • 15. Martha' Story

    Martha' Story Cover Image


    15. Martha' Story

    When she was 17, Martha got cast into a TV show, and suddenly found her whole life was in the spotlight. Here’s her story.
  • 14. Christine's Story

    Christine's Story Cover Image


    14. Christine's Story

  • 13. Jaqui's Story

    Jaqui's Story Cover Image


    13. Jaqui's Story

    At the age of 6, Jackie lost her whole family during 1994 genocide in Rwanda.
    Here's her story.
  • 12. Ben's Story

    Ben's Story Cover Image


    12. Ben's Story

    Ben thought satisfaction and freedom could be found in casual relationships and drugs. Here's his story.
  • 11. Dan's story

    Dan's story Cover Image


    11. Dan's story

    Music became Dan’s life but on the inside he had a deep desire to be loved and known, that wasn’t being met. Here’s his story.
  • 10. Heartbroken from loss — Anneke's story

    Heartbroken from loss — Anneke's story Cover Image


    10. Heartbroken from loss — Anneke's story

    About 2 years ago, Anneke gave birth to a baby boy, but three weeks later, he passed away. Here’s her story.
  • 09. From drugs to Jesus — Joel's story

    From drugs to Jesus — Joel's story Cover Image


    09. From drugs to Jesus — Joel's story

    It started as just a bit of fun but drugs quickly became a way for Joel to get to another level and find what he thought was a higher truth. Here's his story.
  • 08. George's Story

    George's Story Cover Image


    08. George's Story

    Growing up with a paralysing fear of losing those she loved the most, the thought of death was something that George tried to avoid. Here’s her story.
  • 07. Christina's Story

    Christina's Story Cover Image


    07. Christina's Story

    As someone who studied Neuroscience at the university of Sussex, Christina has been on a journey exploring the possibility of a Creator. Here’s her story.
  • 06. Tobi's story

    Tobi's story Cover Image


    06. Tobi's story

    Tobi always known that there’s a God but, suppressed it because he felt christianity was restricting and going church was boring and dull. Here’s his story.
  • 05. Maxine's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

    Maxine's Story  | #WeAreEmmanuel Cover Image


    05. Maxine's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

    Maxine was healed of pain from a dislocated knee. Here is her story.
  • 04. Jo's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

    Jo's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel Cover Image


    04. Jo's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

  • 03. Meredith's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

    Meredith's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel Cover Image


    03. Meredith's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

  • 02. Connor's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

    Connor's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel Cover Image


    02. Connor's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

  • 01. Dan's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel

    Dan's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel Cover Image


    01. Dan's Story | #WeAreEmmanuel