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  • 04. Bridget's Story

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    04. Bridget's Story

    When Bridget was sixteen, she began to have severe pain and be tired most of the time. After feeling like this for a while, she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

    Here is her...
  • 03. Stacey's Story

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    03. Stacey's Story

    Stacey grew up in a family of six and absolutely adored her dad. When she was quite young, she realised that he didn’t seem to reciprocate that love on the same level.

    Here is her...
  • 02. Story | Silence

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    02. Story | Silence

    Joel Virgo continues our Story preaching series looking at the theme of suffering and delay. We understand the world and our experience as chapters in an unfolding story. The Exodus story is one of...
  • 01. Story | Transformation

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    01. Story | Transformation

    Matt Carvel opens up our Story series by looking at the theme of Transformation and why the book of Exodus is relevant to us.

    The story shared at the beginning of the sermon touches on...