The Promise Endures / 04. The Promise Endures // 11. Our Real Home. Our Real Enemy - Joel Virgo // Genesis 31.17-55

04. The Promise Endures // 11. Our Real Home. Our Real Enemy - Joel Virgo // Genesis 31.17-55

This story speaks to our emancipation from the dominion of sin and condemnation.

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    As we bring the series to a close, we reflect on Jacob’s life and realise that he hasn’t really changed that much! Despite all the encounters with God, he is not as mature or trusting in God as he...

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    In one of the strangest passages in the whole bible, we see God seek to do business with his son, Jacob. He ambushes him, seeking to teach him to pray. The result? Jacob is a changed man and would...

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  • 12.The Promise Endures // 12. Training for Faith - Joel Virgo // Genesis 32.1-32

    The sermon is about God’s goal of making us more confident in his faithfulness and favour. He wants for us to grow in real trust. Jacob was a slow learner. Most of us are. We need to keep beholding...

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  • 11.The Promise Endures // 11. Our Real Home. Our Real Enemy - Joel Virgo // Genesis 31.17-55

    This story speaks to our emancipation from the dominion of sin and condemnation.

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  • 09.The Promise Endures // 9. The Pursuit of Happiness - Stephen Dawson // Genesis 29.31-30.24

    This story contrasts the placing of one's happiness in love and family versus placing it in the Giver of true happiness.

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  • 08.The Promise Endures // 8. The Victims of Deception - Matt Carvel // Genesis 29.1-30

    This is yet another horrible story about how one man, not obviously walking with God, creates a messy family situation where everyone suffers. But these themes of identity, comparison, beauty, and...

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  • 07.The Promise Endures // 7. The Gateway to God - Matt Carvel // Genesis 28.10-22

    Jacob's vision of a gateway to heaven points towards Jesus as the ‘door’ to God. Jesus is the revelation of God, but also the invitation to know Him and come into the promise of the family of...

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  • 06.The Promise Endures // 6. The Consequences of Yesterday - Stephen Dawson // Genesis 27.41-28.9

    Sin is like a grenade, that when it goes off, has all kinds of impact. But God is gracious and happily associates with the dysfunctional family and has them in His family line as His ancestors and us...

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  • 05.The Promise Endures // 5. A Very Dysfunctional Family - Matt Carvel // Genesis 27.1-40

    The very messy story of a very messy family. All the characters are bad in different ways and yet God’s blessings and promises endure. Ultimately, Jacob gets blessed because of grace and him...

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  • 04.The Promise Endures // 4. The Story of an Unremarkable Man - Stephen Dawson // Gen 26.12-35

    Isaac is named among the 3 patriarchs, but in reality, his story is pretty unremarkable. Anything of note in his life is just a repeat of what has been done before by Abraham. But God uses the...

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  • 03.The Promise Endures // 3. In the middle of the famine - Matt Carvel // Gen 26:1-16

    God blesses Isaac despite his circumstances (famine) and his sin. The cross is the ultimate example of God bringing blessing and forgiveness through adversity and through (and because of) sin.

    Show episode   36:54

  • 02.The Promise Endures // 2. How a bowl of lentil stew changed history - Neville Jones // Gen 25.19-34

    Easu rejects his birthright for a bowl of lentil stew. But the revelation of the wonder of Christ is key to resisting the temptation to go after other things.

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  • 01.The Promise Endures // 1. A Journey of Faithfulness - Stephen Dawson // Genesis 24

    Both Abraham's servant and Rebekah are examples of faithfulness, pointing us to the true Faithful Servant who said, ‘not My will but Yours’
    We see how God orchestrates and works through...

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