Thrive / 05. THRIVE


Starts Jan 2019

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  • 05.Thrive: Legacy

    Joel Virgo concludes our Thrive series by looking at the parable of the talents.

    Matt 25:14-30

    Show episode   45:17

  • 04.Thrive: Power

    Looking at how we can grow in the talents and power that God gives us.

    Matt 25:14-20

    Show episode   47:04

  • 03.Thrive: Money

    Looking at how we can be good stewards of the money that God has given us.

    Psalm 112

    Show episode   42:33

  • 02.Thrive: Time

    Looking at how we can make the time that God has given us, fruitful and effective for Him.

    2 Peter 1:1-9

    Show episode   44:52

  • 01.THRIVE

    Starts Jan 2019

    Show episode   01:00