On Your Mind

We need to talk about Anxiety

Anxiety can often be a silent battle that’s going on behind closed doors, and we can struggle to talk about what is on our minds. Jesus has a lot to say about our mental wellbeing and we believe His gospel is the very best solution to dealing with anxiety.

Join us at one of our locations across Brighton as we look at some of the different forms of anxiety and the issues that can be on our minds.


Adults say they regularly experience stress with half recognising that they are too stressed.

1 in 4

Adults will experience a mental health issue this year.

1 in 3

Students admit to suffering from a mental health problem.


Key dates

Stress on your mind (Watch)
Sun 08 Sep

on your mind (Watch)
Sun 15 Sep

on your mind (Watch)
Sun 22 Sep

Body Image on your mind (Watch)
Sun 29 Sep

Mental Health on your mind (Watch)
Sun 06 Oct

on your mind (Watch)
Sun 13 Oct

on your mind (Watch)
Sun 20 Oct

on your mind (Watch)
Sun 27 Oct

on your mind (Watch)
Sun 03 Nov

on your mind (Watch)
Sun 10 Nov

on your mind (Watch)
Sun 17 Nov

on your mind (Watch)
Sun 24 Nov

Virus on your mind (Watch)
Sun 22 Mar
First Sunday of lockdown

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