New teaching series at Emmanuel

Absalom’s rebellion had come to its climax. David is forced to flee the city. His sin has worked it’s poison but God’s promises of grace remain greater.

In this teaching series, we explore the final days of King David's reign from the book of 2 Samuel in the Bible.

Is the Church on the wrong side of history?

What does loyalty and wisdom look like in midst of exile? God’s covenant promises are being worked out even through seasons of discipline, conflict and setback. Even when the prospects for God’s people look bleak, God’s purpose for His chosen king (and the people of the king) holds firm.

Key dates

15 April // Loyalty

29 April // Betrayal?

06 May // Cursed

13 May // Wisdom

20 May // Allegiance

27 May // Destruction

03 Jun // Mortified

10 Jun // The King Returns

17 Jun // The King Returns part 2

22 Jul // Disintegration

// Atonement

// Unbelief

// Heroes

// David’s Song

// Last Words

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