The Gathering

Dear Friends,

As we come to the end of the year, I’m writing, on behalf of all of the Emmanuel elders, to thank you for your involvement in the church and your partnership in the gospel. You are a delightful community and it’s a privilege and joy to serve you.

What is changing this Spring at Emmanuel?

Over recent months, as a team of elders, we’ve come to believe the Lord is drawing us towards a season of gathering - just for the sake of being with Him, with little agenda. In many ways, we believe this is a time of new beginning, and we need to begin with Him. As individual people and as a church, we stand in need of renewal in the Holy Spirit.

The problem is that we have busy lives and a fairly full church programme. It’s hard (and unwise) to simply add further meetings to our schedule, without trying to make space elsewhere in the diary.

With this in mind, we’ve made a decision to cancel small groups for the start of the year.

Instead, we are hosting a series of gatherings (which we will simply call ‘The Gathering’) at the Clarendon Centre on Thursday evenings. We will worship the Lord and enjoy His presence (with the help of some friends who can help us pray and receive from Him). And we are hoping that the result of this series of evenings will be significant for our church and beyond.

May the Lord visit us and speak to us.

All the details you need to know

I’m pleased to tell you that we already have a line up of wonderful friends coming to be with us:

20th January // Mike Pilavachi

27th January // Terry Virgo

Feb 2021 // To be announced soon

Clearly, this will be somewhat subject to potential COVID restrictions. We don’t know what conditions will be in place in the new year, but we would rather make positive plans, and then pray that the Lord makes it possible for us to keep to them. As we’ve had to learn, if He has other ideas we will have to adapt accordingly!

This Sunday, I will be sharing a bit more during the sermon. I trust you will find this helpful and would encourage you to join us at one of our services.

Very much love, and praying that you have a really good Christmas.